A self-proclaimed purveyor of 'gentle folk', Hayfitz crafts delicate songs about the most delicate of subjects. He has spent his early career practicing exercises in ultimate vulnerability, diving head first into microscopic memories and feelings.

Newly based in Berlin by-way-of Brooklyn, Hayfitz is eager to combine his love for music with his love of travel and looks forward to bringing his intimate performances to audiences across Europe and the UK.

'Everything Else', his follow-up to the 2020 self-produced debut record, 'Capsules', was released October 6, 2023 via Vienna-based label, Seayou Records. Continuing his love for organic DIY recording in idyllic locations, the new eleven song record presents a bolder version of his layered recording style, reflective of his new-found comfortability in his queer identity and desire to help connect with others who have struggled through a similar journey.